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Sitting is new smoking - Keep Moving

Human body is designed to move and it works best when we are active. Globally, 28% of adults(Age 18 and above) did not meet the world health organization requirement of 150 minutes physical activity per week. We tend to procrastinate the physical activities towards weekend and happily let Monday through Friday suck us in a chair/desk with lot of excuses to avoid physical activity Well, you live in an era where whatever you eat or breathe has inherent impurities that leads to health issues in the long run. It is super important now than  ever to prioritize health over anything else.  Sitting is new Smoking In recent times, you often hear the news that many people who are so healthy with no family heredity of heart or other major health problems die at young age(30 to 55). Do you know what is one of the biggest root cause for these deaths? Surprisingly, most people had a desk job for 12 to 14 hours with no physical activity. Doctors and researchers are alarming young adults with a warnin

Strength and Endurance - you can be a pro too

Basics of training Training is practices you employ on consistent basis to improve your capability. Training leads to increased neural muscular adaptability of your body. Training methodologies might differ however the base training where we increase the power without injury is based on heart rate model. The goal for this blog is to give good understanding on training zones, how to focus on heart rate based training and which zone you should train most to get the best outcome Training Zones There are 7 training zones that you should be aware off.  Zone -1 : Easy/Warm-up Zone -2 : Aerobic Zone -3 : Tempo Zone - 4: Sub-Threshold Zone - 5A : Super-Threshold Zone - 5B : Aerobic Max Zone - 5C : Anaerobic Zone - 1 Zone-1 is called recovery zone. Most of endurance athletes will call this as Easy/Warm-up zone. Ideal heart rate for this zone is 0-136 bpm. Typical reference is having a casual/mild brisk walk in a flat track/road will put you in this zone. This is the zone where the muscle stress