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Grand Canyon Rim to Rim - A Day Hike

 Grand Canyon Rim to Rim is 26 mile strenuous hike with altitude drops of more than 9000 feet and elevation gain of 4000 feet. It starts in North Kaibab trail head of North rim and ends in Bright angel trail head in South rim.  Everywhere you will be seeing a warning board like this. Doing rim to rim as day hike is of-course very tough but it is not something dangerous or unachievable. Planning the day well and training your body for elevation gains and high heat weather conditions will make your hike achievable and rewarding How to train for Grand Canyon Day Hike GC rim to rim hike from North to South can be split into 4 parts 7 miles downhill - Usually cold, windy and taxing on your knee 8 miles medium downhill, dry/flat box zone 6 miles medium elevation with high heat tiring zone 5 miles of high elevation stairs Above split is my logical break and based on the plan that you start early in the day in north rim and finish during sunset in south rim. Base building For any endurance wor