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7 workouts you can't miss in a week!!

As we have discussed in my previous blogs, key to fitness is consistency and varying intensity. If you have always been training at the same level of intensity, your body gets used to it and bringing noticeable improvement to your strength is bit challenging. Different people have different fitness goals. For my father who is 70+ years old, doing same intensity every day enables him to maintain his current strength and mobility but if you are like me in 40, who wants to improve the current strength then best option is to include variety and varying intensity in your training program. As a fitness enthusiast and budding coach, I have put together 7 key workouts that you need to include in your weekly routine. These routines will work for all fitness levels(beginner to advanced) and has many options to mix up the workload and intensity factor.  Work routines can be created focusing on certain muscle groups or focus on core strength.  I recommend to include core muscles, fullbody and legs