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Amplify your fitness - V02 Max

If you are following my blog, I believe you understood the importance of staying physically activity. Being active, perhaps doesn't amplify fitness beyond a point. What is the best way to measure, train and amplify your fitness. The magic word is Vo2 Max.  What is Vo2 Max Body inhales oxygen and pushes into blood stream during breathing. Heart pumps the blood into muscles, oxygen gets converted into chemical reaction which eventually fuels the muscle to do the work( Wow, Energy ). Vo2 max is the amount of oxygen your body can intake and pump them into muscle as energy during a hard workout. More the V02 max, more is your fitness. During hard workout, many of us would do heavy breathing. This is simply because, body needs to pump more blood into muscle as energy however soon you will realize your system is drained and ready to crash. While crashing is absolutely normal, the duration of crash is different for different people based on their fitness. Vo2 Max is the measurement  that s