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Focus and Consistency - Most Underrated

Many successful people have one thing in common, focus & consistency. As we are in this abstract world where everything is subscription as service and have many STEM professionals working on quantum computing, space research, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, often we tend to forget one simple rule. All these advancement did not happen overnight. They all followed a theory "Start somewhere , don't overcomplicate and drive consistency over the period" Your Health - Big Picture View For most of us, being healthy means loosing weight but it is loosing the lifestyle and mindset that gets you there. Having a big picture view about your health would exactly enables you to put milestones to reach your goal.We all talk being proactive, smart, big picture strategies for our projects & work but never prioritize the same for health. Let's spend next 10 minutes just thinking about your health's big picture view Start somewhere In my previous blog post, I enco