Focus and Consistency - Most Underrated

Many successful people have one thing in common, focus & consistency. As we are in this abstract world where everything is subscription as service and have many STEM professionals working on quantum computing, space research, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, often we tend to forget one simple rule. All these advancement did not happen overnight. They all followed a theory "Start somewhere , don't overcomplicate and drive consistency over the period"

Your Health - Big Picture View

For most of us, being healthy means loosing weight but it is loosing the lifestyle and mindset that gets you there. Having a big picture view about your health would exactly enables you to put milestones to reach your goal.We all talk being proactive, smart, big picture strategies for our projects & work but never prioritize the same for health. Let's spend next 10 minutes just thinking about your health's big picture view

Start somewhere

In my previous blog post, I encouraged my readers to be active and shared a tactical plan of doing atleast 20 minutes per day of physical activity. To me, that is called start somewhere.  You can pick any sport but for my readers, you know what I will suggest. Yes, buy a bike. Below are the greatest bikes and it lasts for life. It is the most simple and easy thing that you can do and will never go wrong in doing cycling.

Develop a training plan that has 3 of below training included atleast 3 times a week 

  • Cardio
    • Running, Walking, Cycling, Swimming
  • Weight
    • Body weight exercise, light weight dumbbells, barbell, deadlifts
  • Flexibility
    • Yoga, stretches

Dont overcomplicate - Just focus

As a beginner, you may get overwhelmed with tons of ads, news, social media information on how to become fit, strong and healthy. I would say mute all of them. We live in this information overfeeding world and what it does is, destroys your balance and focus. If you focus on only one thing at a time then I guarantee you will get better outcomes. When I started 5 years ago, my only goal was to ride 20 miles a week split into 3 sessions. Pick an activity that you need anyone else to push you. Most common activities are brisk walking, jogging, cycling, hiking. If you can do this for 3 times a week. You are all set. 

Lifting weights is essential for improving your metabolism. It can be your own weight or pair of dumbbells. Its a myth that if you lift weights and drop the routine in future, your body will bulk up. Do atleast 1 weight session per week after 3 months of previous step of doing basic cardio atleast 3 times a week. 

If you do 4 days of workout(3 cardio, 1 weight session) and be sure to set your recovery days after each session, so your muscles wont get too tired then I am sure you will notice two things, you are brisk and open for challenge. This is key to your happiness and motivates you to move :)

I would suggest to do enough stretches and warmup before any workout.[Atleast 10 minutes of warmup is crucial for your muscles to work at their optimum efficiency]

Drive Consistency 

As I said in topic title, focus and consistency are most underrated words in modern times. Most beginners will do the mistake of showing increased intensity during the start and lose focus, motivation. Priortize consistency over Intensity. If you can do 4 days of focused workout for 1 year and eat balanced diet, recovery well, I am sure your health will be in a better spot than what you are today. Do it for few years, you will improve your base strength. Remember, your health stability is a marathon race. There is no scope of skipping it after few years or months and expect to remain healthy forever. You can walk slowly but never backward. These are good habits of life and shouldn't be compromised at any cost.  Your health is the new biocurrency. The more biocurrencies your save in your bioaccount, the more happier you will be.  

A person who has health has hope. A person who has hope has everything


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