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No time, is not an excuse. Let's compound!!!!!!

Yes it is true, you don't need to spend hours of training in gym to become stronger. Thanks to multi joint exercises. This video and message is for those who share an excuse that they don't find time to go to gym. Multijoint exercises are part of compound movement that uses more than one muscle group of your body and provides more bang for your buck. Even a simple 3 set 6/8 reps for 15 mins would burn more calories than doing a cardio for 1 hour in gym. Before you begin, you might need to purchase a 10/20/25 lbs kettlebell, dumbell & barbell. All links given at the end of the blog.  Time you need: 15 to 20 minutes Frequency : Every other day Sets : 3 Reps : 6/8/10/12/15(Start with less reps and increase gradually to maximum reps) Let's compound Before doing any workout regime, spend 2-3 minutes for a quick stretch of your upper/lower body. Stretching loosens your muscle, warms the body and avoids injury Kettlebell swings Barbell squat Barbell row Barbell deadlift Dumbbe